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Did you know that when candidates win 4% or more of the vote they receive government funding - the more votes, the more money?

That means the big parties are guaranteed to receive millions of dollars. This allows them to confidently spend up big on elections. Of course, they also receive millions more in corporate and union contributions.

Not so for small parties including the Australian Democrats. Every dollar we spend has to be raised from members and supporters. This places us at a huge disadvantage.

So not only will your contribution help finance our next election campaign, it will help us break the 4% barrier. If we can achieve that, the real value of your donation will be multiplied many times over.

If you miss the common-sense, principled and compassionate voice the Democrats brought to Australian politics for more than 30 years, here's your chance to bring it back.

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Australian Democrats 30 Years Book

30 Years of the Australian Democrats

A fascinating insight into the people, the victories and battles the party faced and the people who fought them. Just $9 plus postage.

Getting Ready for Peak Oil

Getting Ready for Peak Oil

A society where the average family can no longer afford to run a car except on special occasions? An economy where we queue to purchase some of the goods we currently buy without restriction? With the consequences of 'peak oil' - and no government plans for a response - such scenarios could be a mere ten years away ... Read more.

Towards a Sustainable Population

Towards a Sustainable Population

We can meet our international obligations and move towards achieving environmentally sustainable population levels by substantially reducing the numbers entering Australia through our business migration scheme and doubling the numbers in our humanitarian intake ... Read more.

Compassion for refugees

Compassion for Refugees

We support a non-discriminatory immigration program that gives priority to refugees and family reunion applicants. We oppose mandatory detention and all legislation to repel asylum seekers on the high seas. Australia has a moral responsibility and a duty under international law, to provide haven for refugees and not send people ... Read more.

Facing Up To Bullying

Facing Up To Bullying

The Australian Democrats are committed to ensuring fairness, equality and tolerance in our society and so the insidious rise of bullying must come under the microscope. Former Australian Democrats Parliamentary Leader, Lyn Allison, negotiated a National Safe Schools Framework which can in part address the issue ... Read more.

Aboriginal equality - now

Aboriginal equality - now

The Howard Government's NT Intervention, expanded by Labor, has been a predictable failure. Child malnutrition rates are up, as are alcohol, substance abuse and drug related incidents. Domestic violence, assault reportage and convictions and reports of child abuse, attempted suicide and self harm have all increased. Read our action plan.

Do you want a fair go for everyone?

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If you believe Australia needs a genuinely independent political force at all levels of government advocating for solutions based on compassion, fairness, justice and equality, join us. You can make a difference.

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